Immediate help needed - localization

Hello – i have a fairly large project due very soon (in a few days!) for a high profile client that threw a last minute curve-ball that puts me in a bit over my head. Looking for some guidance and/or extensive help.

i am making a flash website that needs to be bi-lingual, english and spanish. I can do the flash website and i have all the text in both languages but i dont have enough experience with xml in flash and dont have enough time to learn on the fly! i spent the last two days going through tutorials and my head is spinning.

anyone looking for immediate work converting my flash website (i am building now) to xml driven multi-lingual website? or interested in walking me through the setup? ~or am i better off just building the whole thing in english and then duplicating it and replacing all the text with spanish?! the website is for an event so it will not be a long-term website that would need lots of updating, but there is a possibility they will want a chinese version in the near future.

i am using flash 8 on a mac.

tips? takers?

> sparrow.