Importing a movie clip

Ok, I seem to have run into yet another problem. I made me a text scroller in Flash MX, and I want to import it into another project I have going. How do I import a movie clip into another project? The only thing I can think of is to save the text scroller, and input the .swf, but then for some reason, all I get is the image, not all the affects that go with it. Any ideas on how to take everything associated with one movie clip and transfer it to a whole new project?

Well open up both .fla’s at the same time, make sure both of their libraries are available to view and then just move an instance of your movie clip for your first library into the library or stage of the other. Or you can use shared libraries…but thats just pointless for what you are doing!

or, while you have your 2nd project open, go to File - Open as Library, then drag to the stage… =)

both ways work…


Good call rev…I never tried it that way!

That works kinda. This is kinda hard to explain. Lemme try to go into more explanation…

1st Movie: Scroll Bar
Has a text box and the scroll bar
Scroll Bar is broken down into 1 graphic and 1 MC
I saved the whole deal as text.fla which includes the text, scroll bar, the graphic, and the other MC.

2nd Movie: MY Personal Site
I want to import text.fla into my personal site.
If I do what you guys were saying, it only takes what I have in the library of text.fla.
Do you see what I am saying. I need to transfer the whole text.fla


okay, then try this:

open textscroll.fla, highlight all of the frames you want to move (CTRL ALT C), then open the new movie, (CRTL F8) and (CTRL ALT V) paste into the new movie clip…


Thanks rev, that took care of transferring everything I needed to. All I had to do was copy the actionscript from my old movie into the new one. Thanks a bunch bro.
Thanks for you input also Dan

glad to help…