Importing a movie

OK,\r\rIm making a flash site…\rOn my main page i have the buttons, garphics blah blah blah…\rAnyways, a while ago you guys might remember i made a 360 degree’s movie clip. I want to know how to import that 360* clip onto my main page…\r\rIt’s probably a simply task but i dont know how to do it…\r:( \r\rany suggestions?\rJak…

Your best bet is to place it inside a movie clip. The question is, does the 360 project contain any of it’s own action script. If so, then you can’t just import the swf. Something which was straight tweening could simply be imported.\r\rIn your case, Open both projects. Go to the 360 project and select all the frames at once on the main timeline. Choose menu option, “Edit/Copy Frames”.\r\rGo to the new project. Select menu option “Insert/New symbol”. Choose movie clip from the popup dialogue box, and give it a name. When the new symbols timeline comes up, select the first frame on the timeline and use menu option “Edit/Paste Frames”.\r\rAny layers which didn’t have frames extending to the end of the timeline, will have frames added to the end of them. This is the most confusing part of this process, and to tell the truth, I don’t know why it does that. You’ll need to edit these frames from the end of the timeline if there are any. You’ll see what I mean right away.

Oh ok, \rheaps good… :slight_smile: \rI did what u said and it works… But there’s a slight problem. When i view it, it scroll 360* but when it gets to the end of the scroll it starts from the beginning. Like it doesn’t do a complete 360* turn…\r\rShould i copy the graphic as well and left align it?\r(i dont know if thats the problem or not)\r\rJak…



Ah… yes… you’re using action script to move it right? Can you post that code again so that I can see it. I think that adjustments need to be made because it’s not relating to the registration point of the stage anymore.

Yep, you have to mess with the actionscript a bit. Btw, why don’t you load into target ?? Should be easier.\r\rpom 0]

:slight_smile: I think ‘tell target’ is the best solution for this.\r

If it’s a target level that’s fine, but if it’s a target movie clip it will run into the same problem.

Sorry Upuaut8, \ri dont understand what u mean…\r\rcan u please elaborate a bit on that?\r\rjak…

Pom was suggesting that you load it into a target using the loadMovie, or the loadMovieNum method. If you use loadMovie to load the swf into a target movie clip, you will have the registration point of the movie clip be accepted by the loaded movie as it’s upper left corner. You’ll still have to make adjustments. It’s a good idea though… the movie clip can be possitioned to your liking so that everything lays correctly.\r\rI still need that code if I’m to figure out how to fix this problem. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the delay guys…\r\rhere’s the code Upuat8:\r\ronClipEvent (load) {\r centerx = 550/2;\r speed = 1/20;\r width = this._width/2;\r // I divide by 2 because there are 2 pictures side by side\r}\ronClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r this._x -= (_root._xmouse-centerx)*speed;\r if (this._x>0) {\r this._x -= width;\r }\r if (this._x<-width) {\r this._x += width;\r }\r}\r\r\r\r\rSo would you put the loadmovie in this code or??\rhmmm… This is confusing!!\r:( \r\rJak…

Nope, the load movie goes to the clip where you are loading. I made a tutorial about that by the way…\r\rpom 0]

Ok let ne see if i have got this right?\r\rSo if i have a page that i have created and i wanna import ANOTHER movie clip into it. Would i go to the file where i have created my 360* movie clip, select all the frames and go Edit>copy.\r\rThen go back to the page that i would like to import it to, select a frame and go Edit>paste to paste the frame/code and 360* MC.\r\rThen select another layer and create a button. In this button it will have the “loadmovie” code. \r\rthe thing i dont understand is, what is the container? What needs to be in that?\r\rJak…

no \r\rThere are two methods being discussed. The first is copying frames and pasting them into a movie clip in the current project.\r\rThe second method is loadMovie();\r\rWith loadMovie(); we are taking an swf that is located on the same server as the swf that is doing the loading. It takes the loaded movie and places it inside a target movie clip in the loading swf’s stage. In this method there is no copying of frames, and in fact, you’ll find that the whole of the main file will be smaller because it’s loading something into itself from the outside, rather than containing all those frames.

ok ok,\rthis is becoming confusing. \r\ri have 2 ppl telling me different methods. Which method is the best way?\r\rIf the loadmovie() is better, can you exlpain to me how to do it? Where abouts do i place the loadmovie() code? In the swf that i have imported or the button???\r\r:( \r\rSorry about this, i know it sounds like im asking for much…\r\rJak…

My method is the best, of course :smiley: \rAnd read the darn tutorial, Jak, everything’s there. I guess… :rolleyes: \r\rpom 0]

i have read the tutorial and i was askiing what was a CONTAINER because i dont know what it is?

container is just the movieclip that you are loading the movie into. however, that code only works with Flash MX because you can’t create an empty movieclip in Flash 5. \r\rthe code is like this:\r\rloadMovie(“THEurlTOtheSWF”, “THEtargetMOVIECLIP”)\r\rso you would do soemthing like this\r\ronClipEvent(load){\rloadMovie(“”, _root.container)\r\r\rWhere container is a movieclip in the main timeline that has the instance name “container”

uh huh, ok now i know what it is…\rOk, i have tried it and its not working… :frowning: \r\rIm going to explain what i have done.\r\rOk,\rI have made a page layout using photoshop, just for the graphics and stuff. I have imported that image/layout into flash. The image is 715 by 510 and therefore i have made the movie on the stage 715 by 510 so it fits perfectly. Now i want to place a CURSOR in a certain area on the page. The area is at the bottom and the area is 715 by 240. \r\rNow when i create a blank movie clip do i go Insert>new symbol .And then go back to my SCENE and add a layer called “empty clip” and drag and drop that blank clip onto the stage? Then create anothr Layer, with a button? and give tha button a “loadmovie()” ??\r\rBut the thing is, what i want is when the user rolls over this certain 715 by 240 area i want the cursor.swf that i have created to show. So would i create a transparent button that covers that entire area with these actions?\r\r:( \rMan, \rwhy is this so complicated…\rThere have been times where im just gonna give up on Flash… \r\ranyways,\rplease help…\r\r\rJak.