Importing ai or eps

Everytime i import one of these file types it generates an error. Im using win 2000 pent 3 800mhz, 256 of ram. Im within all specs. I have used illustrator 9.0 but saved in the 8.0 format, and corel paint 10.0. Im new to these types of programs so im not sure if i did something wrong or if its the program. This error reads “Swift3d has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program.”

Please help!

Too help your ideas, it locks after it imports. the bar at the bottom finished then the error is generated

Hello sdouglas,
That is a problem with Swift and not with your PC configuration. I’m not sure why it would freeze or lockup when importing files. My best advice would be for you to uninstall Swift 3D and re-install it again. The problem should usually be solved. If the problem appears, it could be an error external to that of Swift.

Try re-installing your graphics card drivers if re-installing Swift does not solve the problem. If all else fails, try asking Electric Rain for help. It could be a bug =)

That did the trick. Thanks. I reinstalled the program and was good to go…