Importing Images

Hello, I am very new to Flash.How do I import a Jpeg image on to an animation layer without the transparent background showing up as white? In other words I have an image of a penguin that has a transparent background (done in Photoshop)When I import it the background shows up as white.Please help me get this poor penguin in the movies! Thanks, Betty Geee


Jpegs as a file format don’t support transparency. That means that even though your photoshop file has transparent sections, when you save as .jpeg, that transparency is lost.

You could try making the transparent parts the same color as the flash movie, but the outline sometimes shows in certain browsers (like AOL, for one). Another idea is to use the .gif format instead of the .jpeg format, although photo-style graphics will not look as good in .gif.

I have no experience with PNG, or Flash support of the format, but I understand it supports transparency. You could play with that and see if it does the trick.

Good luck

Yep, transparency=>PNG, KAren, but you lose the dynamic loading… You have to go the old way: put your image in a new movie and then import the swf…

pom :asian:

really pom? i thought you could just use a .gif as the image format … i havent done it in a while in a flash movie but i know .gif supports transparency.

why would you have to load it as a seperate .swf

Thanks Pom. I wonder why PNG never has taken off… Seems to have the best of both worlds (from what I’ve heard anyway.) I’ve been meaning to look into the format some rainy saturday, but haven’t because nothing truly seems to support it yet.

Any thoughts?

Yeah, I never understood why Flash supported the transparency of a .png file but not of a .gif.

I would think they would automatically opt for the .gif transparency first because it is the most commonly used file.

The cool thing about .png images is that you can have partial transparency. So its like part of your image can be semi-transparent, while others are solid. (if that is how your image is made)