Importing into swift

okay i went to import and it took me to a file straight away in the swift folder so i click and it loaded up a 3D swift logo ((not text)) the file type was .eps ((i think))

well anyway i went into paintshop pro and made a small logo and sazed it as an .eps then tryed to import it, but all it did was come in as a big block, not following the contours or anything. aarrgghh.

annoying :slight_smile: haha anyhelp wouldn’t go a miss

I’m not possative, but I believe that you have to have a fill or a stroke for swift to recognize the shape. If you don’t have adobe illustrator, keep in mind that flash can save out as an eps doc. I’d suggest importing it into fash and working with it in there. I’ve had great success with this method. (of course you need flash for that.)

u can make swift 3d use stuff other than .3ds files? weiiiirrdd… =] i only use it for stoopit shiznit for various things… and EVERYTHING i do uses 3d art so it helps.

perhaps there is more to swift than you have been previously aware. :wink:

yeah ive never used flash :slight_smile:

nah i was kidding… it creates some bad ass effects if u use wireframe… i dont like its flat shading option… =] thats because i am used to textures and bump maps/specular maps etc. =]

I know what you mean… though if the shapes were simple enough even those effects could be done. I think that those are better off being done in another programing language though…

the plain and simple truth is, there is no good way of producing REALISTIC 3d on the web, without making a person wait for it.

I pray with you that in the near future we will be able to do this.

i’m close =] using various filetypes at the right moments i have created realistic 3d effects, animations etc… and it was smooth and around 400k… for 400k that aint too bad. i scrapped the project and started over… always moving forward =]

that is exceptional file size for good animation

=]… once my buddy [great as$ flasher] got it he chopped it down to 400k… i had it to 800 when i gave it to him… stoopid things i SHOULD have done… it was a HUGE background image… and a few textured animations… =] the background image had to go me thinks.

Images are tough… but you know textures… they are nice repeating patterns. Flash does pretty well using them as fills. I create them using painter6 and import the pics into flash. Then I break the picture apart, and it goes into my fill tool. I then just fill in what ever flat shading I’ve got.

I realize that there are some disadvantages to this. If you really wanted to do it right, you’d have to choose the best shading export option in swift. You’d have many little triangles which you’d need to add differing shades of texture to.

Although you COULD use the same small texture for all of them, as you can set the individual alpha level for each section of texture.
By placing an exact duplicate silouette of the object below it, you can use a solid black fill to allow the alpha to show the texture as darker in some areas and lighter in others. (keeping in mind that it will have to be on a Layer below the layer with the object, until such time as you finaly select the entire object and group it. Then group your silouette and put it behind the object.

So… flash can do things really really small, BUT you have to work really hard for it.

ok u lost me =] i knwo nothing bout that… =]