Importing (multiple) jpeg images timeline

Okay, I’m a photographer who has a lot of pictures to display on the site.
Home page has a slideshow with 10 images that come ibe displayed I know how to use the moviecliploader to load 1 external jpeg, but I want the file to;

a. come in with a brightness of 100 then down to 0 then hold for 3 seconds, then back up to 100 then out…all in actionscript no more than 5 frames if possible

b. I don’t want to do this with tweens, it increases the file size for just 6 images to 1.4 mb, and that’s an swf that I am importing without music. Remember the image quality is paramount and the images must be as large as possible for this type of market.

Really it’s just how to do this slide show -the way I want it, that’s holding me up from publishing my site.

I’m using flash 8 and have a working knowledge of Actionscript, I got totally confused with a template that I foolishly bought and saw no real hierarchy to tweak, let alone load esternal files (again, multiple files, not just 1) I can talk, or write out what I want but I’m really stumped in figuring out what to look for to do precisely what I want. So trying to extrapolate tutorials for 1 image import just doesn’t cut it…know what I mean

Thanks in advance.