Importing Music and Sound (Fruity Loops)

Hi all!

What format and settings would I use if I wanted to make a quick button noise in Fruity Loops - WAV?

Hey MarigoldsCafe,
Regardless of what format you are using, Flash will convert the sounds to the MP3 format. You can only import MP3 files and PCM Wav files btw.

Thanks Kirupa! Seems like even small button sound effects are adding like 50K to my swf. At least I know now that it’s the settings that I have to play around with rather than the format itself. Should be downhill from here. :slight_smile:

Try, under your publish settings (flash), to alter the sound mhz levels. I believe that you can downgrade the sound on export which should decrease file size considerably. Most sound effects really don’t need to be at full quality anyway.

Dude!!! What the hell are you trying to do?! Don’t let people know about FruityLoops. Us Fruityloopers have to keep that sort of thing quiet. J/K. P.S. FruityLoops rocks my world!

Kirupa…wut u mean only import mp3 and pmp or w/e tha 2nd one wuz

I import wav’s all the time

I have no idea what in the hell that guy just said.

I’m having problems too… and not all mp3’s actually import… wot’s up with that?

a friend of mine told me only to import .wav