Importing SVG

Is there any way to import an SVG file into MX 2004 (or any version of Flash for that matter)?

I’ve got a logo built in Illustrator that I need to import/export into Flash for use in a product demo.

When I export the logo as a SWF in Illustrator CS, the SWF version looks fine when opened outside of Flash in the default player, but when I import it into flash it gets garbled and looks nothing like it did when opened outside of MX 2004.

I want to retain the original vector-based logo, but since it contains gradients and drop-shadows (design cliches I know, but I didn’t make it) when it’s exported/imported it either gets rasterized (AI, SWF, EPS, etc. all rasterize the gradients and/or drop-shadows) or it looks like **** with lossy pixelization and color mis-matches.

The best format that doesn’t rasterize anything is SVG, but I cannot find any native way of importing it into Flash MX 2004…given that SVG and SWF are basically two competing vector-based web technologies. Any way to make them get along?

Or, is there a better, loss-less way of going from Illustrator to Flash?