Importing Video (help please)

I was wondering what type of Movie files import good into Flash. I recently got a DV camera and i dont know what file extension i should save it as. please give me some tips for inserting video clips.

Daylife13 =)

I believe that the formats are MPEG, quicktime, and possibley windows media player files, any of these should work. You should load your video into movieclips this then allows you to make the preloading process easier as well as the ability to attach these movies to your document more easily because they are in a movieclip. Loading them externally using the loadmovie method would also be a important option.

Hope this helps.


In addition, some of it will depend on the quality and file size you need. Flash is going to compress the whatever format you import. If you import a format that is already compressed (usually because you need a smaller file size) like Windows Media format, you will get double compression, which will result in less quality. If you just import your AVI’s that you capture from the cam or from your editor, you’ll get the best quality. I’m not saying AVI is the best format - I’m saying - watch out for multiple compression traps.

I’ve noticed how large my files are with just a few seconds of video. What is considered the standard for video in web pages. I know theres no really one standard but, whats just a good all around Pixel size and format. So far I’ve tried AVI, WMV.

I guess if i want to put movies in my flash site it’s going to be big right. I was thinking i know keep it down to a few MB. But it looks like i was mistaking.

Try using 370 by 240 or something slightly smaller, whatever program your using for video try using some of there suggested sizings, however something that is in ratio to the 720 by 480 size is best. Hope this helps.



What audience are you targetting? 56k dialups, broadband, or both? Also, how long are your video clips?

I haven’t had any luck getting acceptable quality 56k video at sizes larger than around 160 x 120. Now, that’s for lengthy streams of around 4 minutes. With shorter video, you can insert a little longer of a preload, and therefore edge up the quality and/or size. But not by much.

I’ve had a little better luck at encoding video for the cable/dsl audience. Typically, I can get fairly decent quality at 240 x 180 at those bitrates.

The comments about the better the video quality coming into Flash the better the compressed quality are extremely true. If your hard drive can take it, uncompressed video is the best - but the file sizes are enormous, as you’ve seen.

Good luck

Well said, Karen. I’ve just about given up trying to target video to less than broadband. I have been able to get fairly good quality compression using <a href=“”>Wildform’s Flix Pro</a> and a smaller size (like 160 x 120). Flix also helped me resolve some audio sych problems I had with other formats.

It works well for talking-head type shots where there’s not a lot of movement. As you may know, the more movement and complexity you have in the shot, the less efficient your compression will be.

Hi Kenny,

Have you tried Squeeze? I’m asking because I’m wondering if perhaps better quality could be had with Flix Pro?

I have the previous version of Flix but didn’t upgrade because I went with Squeeze. But if better results are available with Flix, I’d certainly switch.


I spoken with a couple of folks who’ve used both - I’ve not. They tell me that the quality is similar, Flix Pro is less expensive I think. Also, Johnathan B. over at Wildform is also very helpful.

I just know that I’ve been really happy with Flix Pro. It has a lot of cool options.