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Hi Kirupa,

I’m a Frontpage new user and a novice as webmaster. Well, I have the following problem:

After creating a website using share borders, I realized that it could be better change them for left frames with scroll bar. How can I do this easily? I don’t see any option to do this in the menu nor any recommendation in your book. I’afraid if I have to prepare every page as I were creating it from zero.
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Hello Mabe,
There actually may be a simple solution for your problem. The method I’m listing should not be too overly complicated because you already have a shared border with some contents.

Create a new page with frames. In the left frame, copy and paste the contents of your shared border. In the right frame, copy and paste the information from your main home page. Save the pages. You will save the frameset page that glues all the frames, the left frame, and the right frame.

Now, you want it so that any link clicked on the left frame will load in the right frame. Therefore, right click on your left frame and select Page Properties. The Page Properties dialog box appears. Click the pencil icon to the right of the text field for “Default target frame”. The Target frame dialog box will appear. Select the right frame from the graphic that is displayed in the “Current Frames Page” box.

That should ensure that all pages clicked via your left frame will load in the right frame. I hope this helped, if not, don’t hesitate to reply back and I will try to see if anything else can be done.

Kirupa =)

Thanks Kirupa,

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Hi Kirupa,

I need a clarification, in my website the home page is just a presentation page. In the navigation structure the site map(1) is located under the home page and all chapters under the site map. I understand you mean that I have to create a new but temporary site map(2) with the frames included, move all chapters with their contents under site map(2) and delete site map(1). When I do this I don’t see the option of including frames in all pages, Are they automatically included by saving the site map(2)? In fact I just see frames where I created them but nowhere else. I think there should be a confirmation question in which I select “include frames in all pages”, or Frontpage works in a different manner.

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