Inexpendisve Credit Card Processing?

Hello guys,

I was trying to see in what section of the forums to post this question but couldn’t find a specific location, so Im using the Random section.

I have just around 10 regular customers that I charge for Web hosting services and Web site maintenance. Every three months I have to be collecting $30 for each customer, and sometimes they are not even there, some other have to approve the writing of the check. So I waste a lot of time doing this.

So I am looking for an inexpensive (not cheap, because the word cheap is usually associated with something low cost and low quality) credit/debit card processing company online, prefferably one that makes recurring charges (for Web hosting).

I have looked around and most charge you at least $100 per month minimum plus they charge you some percentage per transaction ( I know the percentage charge has to be charged). What worries me the most is that with most companies you have to make a 2 year contract and if you cancel the contract you get like a $400 cancellation fee. So what if the company I choose ends up not giving me good support (like the Web hosting company I use to have) and charging lots of hidden fees?

Anyone has worked with a good, inexpensive company or a good online application to do this? Some company that lets you grow progressively?

I know you have to have a business bank account, and gateway and the processing interface.

Thanks in advance