Need recommendation for third-party for handling credit cards. please

We want to add to our Website the ability for visitors to use a credit card to purchase merchandise, rather than have to mail a check to us separately.

What third-party credit card payment arrangement do you recommend that we use? Which one(s) would be safe and reliable for visitors to our site, and also minimal cost to us for low-volume sales? (We are a not-for-profit organization – – and use the money from the sales to fund charitable work, with no one getting a salary or pay of any kind).

Many thanks for your help.

Bob Bauman

I hate this question because i never did it, my fiend did however, and was very happy with the results. i can send you soem info later on tonight if you’d like.

I’d be very interested in any info you have on this, please.

Thanks very much

Bob Bauman