Inline frame questions

ok i have a inline frame. and now i am not sure how to update it. i tried to just save the whole page and i uploaded it to my server. but its still not updating.

any help will be appriciated.:trout:

Are you updating the page that gets loaded INTO the iframe?

Just gotta be sure of that.

Also, your page might be cached. Right click inside the iframe and choose “Refresh”.

it still doesnt work…

i going to try to remove the Inline frame saved file. maby then it will let me save it then upload it.

i got it to work. i ended up just making a new inline frame just copying the info to the new one. and now it works


good points beta…

another thing to look at in frontpage, when using frames, is that
you are actually saving the frame-page you are working on.
simply clicking save doesn’t necessarily save the page you are
working on.

I know I know…it should, but it doesn’t.

You may need to have the frame you’re working in selected, and
go to Frames>Save Page As to get it work properly.

Just a lil’ tidbit since it’s happend to me before. Swearing up and
down that I updated it and uploaded the new file, and it never

After all that though, I feel that it’s probably just in your cache as
an easier try.


sorry, i was posting at the same time as you. glad you got it to


thanks for your post. i will try it the next time i have to update the page.

:geek: =)