Target frame not working - help!

In Front Page 2002 I am having a problem getting my left frame to affect the main (right) frame. I go to hyperlink props and select the hyperlink to affect the main frame
<img src="">…/fp1.gif">

Even then, the link breaks out of frames and opens in one window (see for yourself at <a href=“”>Test3</a href>).

Also, I opened a frame page from a site that I developed with FP98 to see if there was any difference. I opened up the hyperlink props, checked it, saved it… and now that one is broken too!

Has anyone experienced these problems with FrontPage2002 and more importantly, have you discovered a solution?

Thank you,


(curiously it works fine in FP2002 preview, but its a different story in a real browser)

Hey elguapo79,
I copied your pages and saved them to my hard drive and modified them. They seem to work just fine. I am not sure why it is not working when you save in FrontPage. All of the information such as the names of the frames “contents” and “main” match their corresponding hyperlinks.

When I viewed your pages on your site, all the hyperlinks were refering to _top (whole page). If it works in preview mode and not in your browser, the problem might lie in uploading the files. Are you overwriting the files when you upload to the server? More than likely, if the files are not being overwritten, the newer information probably does not get displayed. I have never experienced an error similar to yours.

Thank you for your help. What is strange now is that I think that it works for everyone else. For instance, every other person that I talk with sees the page correctly and the frames work correctly, but for some reason the frames do not work correctly for me from my computer.

As far as I know, the files are being overwritten when I make changes since everything else changes correctly (such as text), but at this point nothing would surprise me :slight_smile:

It is truly a bizarre problem I guess. No idea what could be causing that to happen. My primary concern is that since I am having problems that some other people may be having problems as well, and since I am working on a website for a non-profit org. that it will reflect poorly on them.

Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.