Input Box


I have 2 input boxes on the main stage. I have 1 button I have made into a movie clip so the button animation will work. My problem is:
I want it so that when I click on the button and RELEASE it gets the values in those 2 input boxes.

Input boxes have been assigned VAR

on (release) {
if (input1VAR != “” && input2VAR != “”) {
else {

The problem is no matter what it will get the input values from the main stage… Anyone got a solution??

I did not assign an INSTANCE name for the BUTTON(movie clip)


Once you have the data you can do whatever you’d like


Ok got it working… Thanx man, been annoying me since yesterday :slight_smile: guess I don’t need to use VAR at all for that.

Ok this is weird… It works great when I test on my computer, as soon as it’s running on server it don’t work… HUH?