Input on Pic

Well can someone just tell me if this is cool or just plain stupid cause i cant decide for myself, and then give a little reason cause i would like to know what to improve. Thanks.

i got an addition to my input request

your second one is much better… a bit of advice on the first one: get that yellow thing out of there!!! You first one, is a bit unorganized, and well not really too interesting, no effects that grab your eyes. The second one, while very simplistic too at least has a much more pleasing layout. Keep at it - you’re already improving.


I could only see the second one, and it’s not bad. But I have no idea what you were trying to show… It looks a little bit like my room when I wake up, before I put my glasses on…

pom :cowboy:

yeah, on both pics i was just randomly doing things and hoping it would be cool when i was done…but anyway, thanks for input i’ll keep at it.