Input text boxes displaying the wrong color

in the bottom left there is a button that says machine info, it’s supposed to display text from a script but instead it shows up invisible. i can select it although it doesn highlight and copy it so i know the script is working b/c the text is there … but i can’t see it :frowning:

any ideas anyone?

You are trying to mask dynamic text.

That doesn’t work per say. There is a workaround. In the properties panel of the text box (select the text box and hit CTRL+F3 to open the panel) click on the button that says “Character…” Now choose to embed the font outline for all characters.

The problem is now fixed.

you’re a genius beta … thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not a genius, I believe it was david (or was it Montoya) that taught me that a while back.

OH yeah, and I learned first hand the fonts that start with an underscore ( _ ), don’t work with masking either.

Like the font _typewriter or fonts like that. There is no way to get those to show in a mask. Even if they are static.

Weird bug, but it is there.

thanks whoever taught beta that trick :slight_smile:

I like that pattern thing in your footer. is that Actionscripted or tweened?


its a symbol that is tweened … then duplicated in a circle :slight_smile:

then set to take a random color onClipEvent(enterFrame){

Ohh, very cool :beam:

i’m sure i said this when you first put your new footer on but it rocks!

i have no idea how to do that but i really want to learn to make something like it

anyway … off to a party … thanks very much for the help :slight_smile:

have a good night

My footer is just this tutorial

But only follows the _xmouse, and has some if statements to keep it from scrolling off the showing area.

Have fun at the party :slight_smile: