Hm.. why can't you mask dyn/inp text?

Is there a way to?

I recently found that if you embed font outlines on your dynamic text box. Open up the properties window (CTRL+F3) and click on that button that says “Character…”

In that window it says “Embed Font Outlines for…” and select “All Characters”

Your text should work fine now. Although it may be anti-aliased. it is better than nothing though.

Earlier I thought the only way to do this was to break apart your text (CTRL+B), but I just found out a few days ago that you could do that. I rarely use masked text boxes so I never really explored the problem.

Well, now you know:)

There is also another call for that. If for instance you had dynamic text inside a movie clip and then you opted to make that movie clip move around, or scale… or if you had some dynamic text inside a tween… either way it wont show unless you break the text apart, or embed the font outlines.

Basicaly… if you ever put some text down and don’t see it during play time… try embeding the font.