Inserting a movie into a movie

Hi y’all…

Hope you can help me. When I download a movie .fla file or even a swf, can i insert it into a movie that I already created? My goal is to have the downloaded movie play continously in my movie



Sort of.

If the .swf file doesn’t have any interactivity or action script it’ll work fine. If it has sound, you’ll have to re-add that (I think), but other than that it’ll be fine.

The easiest way to do this is to

  1. Go to Insert>Scene.
  2. Make sure you’re editing that scene.
  3. Import the .swf into that scene.

That way, when the first scene consisting of your first movie ends it will go to the next scene, consisting of your second movie, automatically.

The problem with the easy way is that it’s totally impractical, really. It only works in that context. If you have actionscript, you’ll want to add an action at the end of your project saying:

loadMovie (“whatever.swf”);

The only problem here is that when the second file’s turn comes, you’ll have to wait for it to load.