Inserting a movie into a scene


here’s the sCoop.
everytime I want to insert a movie into the main scene, it doens’t work. But if i duplicate it into a graphic and then insert in, it does work? Is this supposed to happen?

help plz…im new at this :slight_smile:

Not the way you’re describing it anyway.

Can you give me a better indication of what you’re doing?

Are you trying to insert a Movie Clip into the main timeline?

If so, you should just be able to open your library and drag it from there to a keyframe on the timeline.

thats exactly what im trying to do, but it doesn’t work…
I try to drag it on stage or to my timeline. In both cases only the first frame of the movie is displayed. Then i insert a frame further on on the timeline, but nothing happens.
The only way i managed to make it work was to duplicate the movie and making it a graphic…
but i have the feeling it isn’t supposed to work like that :frowning:

no it’s not…

Perhaps you should send me the FLA.

[email protected]

it’s not just a one piece, i have this al the time and was just wondering if there was something I forgot to do …

It’s two or more FLA files?

Alright… I guess I can run down a couple of things.

A) Check to make sure that you have a frame selected first on the timeline before you drag the movieClip from the library to the stage.

B) Make sure that the layer is not locked.

C) If you’re dragging an object from one FLA to another FLA, it should work, as far as I know, but you might want to try this.

Open the project you want the movieClip located in. Then, choose “File/Open as library”, and choose the FLA that contains the movieclip… then drag it from that library to the stage of the open FLA, keeping in mind the above three things.

I really can’t think of anything else off the top of my head… but I’ll keep thinking on it…