Inserting flash into e-mail stationary

Could anyone tell me if there is a way to incorporate a flash swf into your e-mail stationary in outlook express?

A friend of mine told me you need to upload the swf to a server and link to it from there.

Is this correct ? If so, does this mean that it can only be achieved if you have your own web space ?

If some one could direct me on this one it would be a great help as I am applying for some jobs by mail and I want to make an instant impression.

So c’mon people and help an old guy get some work!!!

Your questions: yes. yes. yes; :slight_smile:
I tried once to incorporate a local file, like an image, sent to a friend, nothing shows!
So you do need to upload the swf, publish with html and copy the flash-embedding part of the code, and insert this into the html of your mail after changing the path to the file online. just get nay free account for that.
THEN you’d better warn the recipent(s) of your mail in plain old text that they will have to be online to see anything, and that it might take a few secs to show up (depending on file size and connection) and (no, not done yet :wink: ) that if they still don’t see anything, maybe they just don’t have the plug-in installed :frowning:
You still think it’s a good idea? It works fine though, but I’d rather have the swf online and just link to it, than insert it as the mail content!

Thanks for coming back to me Joe.
If you have the time to reply to this it would be a great help.
I need the dummies version of how to do this, explained to me.
At the moment I have the swf file and I have used dreaweaver to create a page and uploading it to an area is no problem either.
What do I do to make the ‘e-mail stationary’ HTML page link to the swf that I have uploaded ?

If the basis of this is code, what should I put ?
…and where ? …and how ?

Bet you wish you never replied now!

If you can help me resolve this one, you will be resolving a massive problem for me.

Cheers Again !

OK, step by step:
1/publish settings for flash: swf and html
2/upload just the swf to wherever
3/open Outlook Express, new message (Format=Rich Text/html! not plain text!)
4/in the messages view menu, select “Source Edit” , so you get 3 tabs at the bottom of your mail, the 2nd one being source :slight_smile:
5/open the flash-generated html page, view the source code, and copy/paste the flash-embedding part (all of it) into the source of your mail
6/in the mail’s source, modify just the part of code giving the path to the embedded swf (i seem to remember it’s in there twice?..) to the full path to where you uploaded the swf to (like
7/And remember to insert a warning text before the swf code part (not in the source) to tell everybody they’ll have to be online to see the content!
Works? :wink: