Inserting library symbols onto the stage at runtime

How do you do it? That is… I have a movie running… If I want to say, drag one symbol to a location (an icon from an icon bank if you will) and on the release of it, i want another symbol from my library (as of yet not in my movie) to appear on the stage, how would i do it? I figure i will need actionscript, but i have just started working with flash not too long ago. Will i need to create an object or what? I guess this forum is all Flash MX, but if not, that’s what I’m using.

Basically i just need to know how to make a symbol from my library manifest on the stage wherever during run time…

  1. thou shalt not post the same topic twice.

lol, its good to see you back Sinf, you’ve been absent for a while. How goes the job search? did you find anything yet?

i went to miami to visit some family. i’m still looking for full time work. i’ve been doing some freelance stuff in the mean time.

Flash_MX = “fun!”;

well good luck man, I know the job market is horrible nowadays…