Instantiating a library symbol on the stage at runtime...?

How do you do it? That is… I have a movie running… If I want to say, drag one symbol to a location (an icon from an icon bank if you will) and on the release of it, i want another symbol from my library (as of yet not in my movie) to appear on the stage, how would i do it? I figure i will need actionscript, but i have just started working with flash not too long ago. Will i need to create an object or what? I guess this forum is all Flash MX, but if not, that’s what I’m using.

Basically i just need to know how to make a symbol from my library manifest on the stage wherever during run time…

I didn’t know that i could post anonymously and since my posts didn’t appear when I pressed refresh, i thought maybe they hadn’t gone through.

use attachMovie I explained it in the “Cool Sites” forum

scratch that, its in the “site check” forum