Inserting Mp3

Can someone tell me how to insert a Song (mp3 format) into FLASH MX? i couldn’t find it in the tutorials.





Ps.: It’s that what u mean?

I tried that but i don’t get the layer with the actual
soung wave… know what i mean? do i have to make symbol
first or something? thanks for the input.

Highlight the layer and fram you want the mp3 on and then select the Properties panel in MX. There is a drop down box on the properties panel labeled ‘sound’. Select that and then select the song you imported. You can also specify if you want to stream the mp3 or not in the sync field. Hope that helps…

but now another question…
if i wanted to have a stream so i can sync the animation to the sound, how do i get that long stream ? does it have to be a wav there?
i use to be able to do it in Flash 4 but MX has changed so much

never mind, i figured it out. but thanks guys for your replies!