Installing Beryl on Ubuntu 6.10

So, I’ve got the whole install worked out, and I’ve installed it, yay.

My problem? I start up Beryl, and all is peachy, I get all my effects, aside from Title Bars and Window Borders! All i’ve got is the window alongside their menu (file, edit) minus any draggable area. Experimenting with it, I did get it to work ONCE, but then it wouldn’t work when I started it again.

Any help? I really don’t know what the issue is. nVidia card btw.

edit:/ Nevermind, managed to fix it myself. (Yes I did try for a long while before posting this.) The issue was that my xorg.conf got restored by my video driver and I had to add the line Option “AddARGBGLXVisuals” “True” to the screen section again for anyone who has an issue as well.