Interactive flash maps with zoom and streaming

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Hi. :slight_smile:

Will try and make this as short and understandeble as I can.

I am planing to make some very large custom made maps, which are bitmaps (jpg’s).

Here is what the final product should be able to do.

  1. Need to stream the maps, since they are VERY large in k/bit size (about 4-5 mb each).

  2. Need to be able to zoom and still have an overview on where you are zoomed in.

  3. Need to be able to click on some text, to go directly to a y / x coord zoomed in.

  4. Need to be able to be interactive, in every stage of the zoom level.

I found a free script (zoomifyer) that take care of 1 and 2. But I dont know how to make a connection from some text (clean html) to the map. So if I click on “visit town 1 click here” then the map will zoom in on the flash x / y where Town 1 is.

Also I cannot modify anything in the script since its already compiled and a free script. But it does the thing I need.

An example can be found here: [color=#800080][/color]

Now if its any easier, I can make all the info on the bitmap picture, so its not interactive, you can press on anything on the map. But I still need a connection from the html text (or flash) to the map.

Im totally lost. It might be a too big project. I would rather NOT make it so difficult I need to code 10 hours a day in Action Script to make it work or update it.

Help? Thanks in advance.[/size][/font]