Interactive Floor Plan -> Drag and Drop Furniture [Newbie]

Hi! I am a newbie and would really appreciate any help you can give me. I am attempting to build an interactive floor plan (Flash MX 2004) with drag and drop furniture. The user will use menus to navigate to different rooms and select the appropriate furniture for that room. They will be able to rotate the furniture pieces, delete furniture pieces, clear all furniture pieces and print the completed floorplan. Please see the attached FLA to see what I’ve managed so far (this isn’t the interface, just a test).

I’m clearly on the wrong track because a) I’ve set up each menu (room type) as a scene, and when the user clicks on a new room (button1, button2, etc.), the furniture that they’ve dragged and dropped disappears; and b) I can’t get each furniture piece to rotate independently; and c) I need to duplicate the furniture movieclips so when it’s dragged from the menu onto the floor plan, another one replaces it

Direction or advice of any kind would be much appreciated! Even helping me to understand how to set up the timeline properly (instead of using scenes like I’ve tried) would be SO much help.

Thank you in advance!!