Interactive Map Application

Hi there,

I have £50 (around $90 US) for anyone who can help me with a smallish hurdle that I have come across whilst developing an interactive map application for my employer.

A basic project summary is:

  • This is an interactive map of a small town in England
  • This map is attached to a Business Directory database so that businesses in the town can be displayed on the map in their correct locations
  • The data from the business directory is being streamed into the SWF in XML format (which is generated by a PHP script that is linked to MySQL - that is all working fine though, so is irrelevant)
  • The data is currently being displayed using the built-in data components in Flash MX 2004 Professional

What I need:

  • There are a list of business categories that appear on the left hand side.
  • When a user clicks on a category such as “Hotels” I would like all hotels to appear (using the hotel symbol) in their correct locations on the map.
  • The x and y co-ordinates are supplied with the XML feed.
  • THEN, if a user clicks on the hotel symbol for any particular hotel I would like the details of that hotel displayed.
  • Obviously this procedure would apply for any of the categories (eg “Doctors”, “Pubs”, “Nightclubs” etc etc)
  • All of the data that’s required for the above functionality is currently being successfully streamed in by the XML feed

You will need:

  • Good actionscripting abilities
  • Understanding of MX 2004 Pro Data Components

I know this is not a lot of money but it’s all I have (as I’m paying out of my pocket) and my boss needs this done this week.

Any help would be awesome. I can pay by PayPal, credit card, international money order… you name it and I’ll do it :} . If you are interested please let me know and I’ll send you the .FLA.


I would be interested in helping you, I made the other day something very similar to what you are asking for, contact me [email protected] (e-mail & msn). Hope I’m not too late…