Interactive Programmer - Flash Actionscript (Entry Level)

d’Vinci Interactive is a nine-person, highly dedicated team located in Hagerstown, Maryland. We have developed a strong portfolio and a terrific client list that will attest to the strengths of our designs and how great we are to work with. Our projects range from small websites, to complex Web applications, to large and complex eLearning contracts representing 10,000 or more man-hours.

 We are currently looking for       a very specific type of person.       More than experience, we are looking       for someone who is a good fit       with our culture and       who is truly driven and passionate       about the type of work we do. 

 Because we are a small company,       the kind of work could vary greatly.       Take a look at our portfolio to       get a sense of the type of work       we do. You could be involved with       anything from the most mundane       aspects of projects like these,       to playing integral design and       development roles. Primarily,       however, our anticipation is that       this job will involve extensive       Flash Actionscript and PHP programming. 

 This is an entry level position       and you will be working next       to 3 people who program with        with and teach this stuff for       a living! HOWEVER, you need to       have a strong relevant background       or education. We want to see your       portfolio and we will be assessing       your coding proficiency and quality.       We also want to confirm that you       have a good sense of style and       understand design and usability       principles. 

 In addition, the right person       for this position will have excellent       communication skills, both written       and verbal. You will need to be       able to communicate clearly with       coworkers and customers in a mature,       professional manner.

 An ability to work as either       an integral or peripheral team       player is critical, as is an ability       to work alone and remain self-motivated. 

 We are looking for someone with       a very high level of creativity.       This can include being able to       devise creative solutions to programming       challenges as well as thinking       of innovative approaches to the       way information is presented onscreen. 


[]Experience programming with Flash Actionscript 2.0/3.0
]Experience programming HTML and PHP
[]Passion for doing this type of work
]A commitment to quality
[]The ability to thoroughly review, debug and test your work
] Excellent verbal and writen communication skills
[]An ability to keep organized and to prioritize
]A sense of humor

 Other experience that would be       good to have, but required 

[]SQL, Oracle
]Other related technologies (ColdFusion skills would be a plus)
[*]A good sense for designs that work (both from a usability and aesthetic perspective)

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