Interesting Question - By Date

I am trying to create a flash dayminder for clients. I have a rectangle. I have it showing todays date at the top of the box in 00/00/00 format. At the bottom I have the time counting live in seconds in the format 00:00:00

In the center I have a white area with a variable {event}.

I want to be able to create an external file, calendar.txt or something like that, in which I can store various events by date. ie: 01=No Event, 02=Meeting Today etc.

I have a variable {today} with just the date:
mydate = new Date();
today = mydate.getDate();

I want the {event} variable replaced by the event in the external file based on the {today} variable matching the number in the external file.

No matter which way I think about it I cant seem to figure it out.

I dont necessarily need to do it this way at all. Basically I just want to have different events show up based on the date, and to be able to change what those events are in an external file.

Any ideas would help…

an ambitious project! i think your best bet is to work with a database. you might consider php as an in between. has some tutorials specific to this kind of stuff

good luck!

You could try this:

loadVariablesNum (today add “.txt”, event);

Your source files should be named like the todayVariable.txt

hope it helps…