Interface and Scroll Bar Question and Help

Hello my flash brothers, i have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I am a Computer tech for a major Communications company, my supervisior at work found out that I have some web design/flash/photoshop experience and she asked me to assist our web development team to spruce up our website. I can do some basic things in flash, but something that I really want to do to show off my worth to the team is come up with an interface for troubleshooting some new software that our team has just gotten in. Here is a decription of what I need help with.

What I want to do is have a menu of some kind on the left side of the flash app that im making, and a little window on the rightside that will display the actual information. Im thinking maybe a scroll bar with text that on the left side that has a decription of the problem you may run into with the new software. When you move your mouse over the text for that perticular issue I would ike the text to maybe glow or just show that its highlighted (thats not a must have I just think it would be cool). Now this what I think will be the tough part. When you click on the text thats on the left side scroll bar, in the window Pannel that is on the right side of the flash app, i want to display the fix for the problem. I hope this was enough detail on what I need, I know its long but im also hoping someone can help me out. Let me know guys and thanks

Etan Cross

Did I not give enough Detail for this one? Is it unusually hard?