Interface help

What is missing to those images to fit into this site.

Try reversing the colors: Instead of the white background change it to the same blue as the rest of the site and change the diagonal lines to white and have them fade.

Just a guess.

i think the lines are too corse (too thick) and its taking away from the impact of the image. maybe thin the lines down and/or try what wizard mentioned.

…also the drop shadows on the plus signs are too dark, decrease the opacity on those or play with your layer style sliders (spread…size)

that got me a nice little headache looking at the stripes…

The black '+'s don’t show with the background

I agree that the stripes are too much. Try to tone them down a little bit more or give them a more of a gradient to fade them. I still don’t did the top one. It looks too much like a matted gif. For perhaps try to fade the edges of them a bit or something. I don’t mind the +'s but the glow/shadow you have one them doesn’t look quite right. Perhaps play with the settings to define the + more and give it less of a puffy look. The rest of the images look pretty good and fitting. I like the phone the best, it’s very clear and it just looks right.

I think that your scanlines are to thick and I would fade them more also you should always design to a grid to get balance, the white space is to stark and it seems that something is missing.

Maybe fade the scanlines more towards the end of the image, so that were the white space is its rather your scanlines fainter untill they disapear on the edge