Internal Storm Tour!


[center]Blindside is starting Their Inernal Storm Tour next month…and as a Street Team Member, i am here to advertise it! Blindside is Touring with mewithoutYou, The Kick, and Namur. Blindside has NEVER been so excited about a tour before…this is their 10th anniversary as a band concert…and they are putting 2 years of touring ideas into this one concert…and two years of touring excitement into this one concert! If you go, i assure you, you will not forget the performance…Blindside brings with them the Eye of the Storm…and they are sure to hit hard!!! Click here ((ctrl +click for those of you with pop-up blocks))for the Blindside Media Player if you have never heard the band before…to see if Blindside is playing in an area near you…go to [url=“”][/center]

hope you get a chance to go to at least one of these concerts!

Wow, they look very… dark. But then again I love Tool, and I thought Tool was pretty dark when I first heard them, so I’ll check these guys out. They aren’t touring in Ontario though. :frowning:

Go ahead amd listen to the media player…and if you think the first song is too loud for you, just skip it…cos it is the loudest song on their new cd “About a Burning Fire” cos i assure you that you will like the other songs on the media player! =D

cool site. I hate the music but cool site.

why do you hate their music…i look at it this way…Blindside is good for you if you like loud hardcore music…or just regular Alt. Rock…it just depends on which songs you listen to…some are loud, and some are very quiet…and most are inbetween…


dpemokid, you can’t expect everybody to like it; I usually like alternative rock and some hardcore rock, but not this one… To each his own taste…

I guess your right… :frowning: