Internet Explorer From Hell

Basically i have had to make a site that has all my Uni work on so the lecturers can mark my work.

The site is Here.

Now my problem lies solely within Internet Explorer.

As you can see when using IE the PNG files i use for my transparent images basically don’t work. I added a fix thats ment to work for IE6. However it is still doing it in IE7 even though PNG is ment to be supported.

WHAT THE HELL. Can someone help me please.

To view the site how its ment to be use Firefox/Opera/Safari

Cheers Simplistik, however this is the first fix i have used and it seems to work for IE5/6 but not 7.

Is there anyone using IE7 that can view the site using transparency?

ie7 is supposed to already have png support, if it doesn’t they say it will be. so looks like you’ll just have to wait and not develop for it like normal ppl do :wink:


Such a waste of a great technology…


Such a waste of a great technology…[/quote]what’s a great technology? :evil:

.png pictures be BANGIN’ :afro: