Internet Explorer - view source

Right so I can’t view source on one of my web pages in Internet explorer, that is, the option is available in both the context menu and the view menu, but does nothing, on this particular page.

It is not a temporary files issue as I have read so much about — I say this for sure for two reasons, firstly I can view source everywhere else before and after viewing this page, and secondly I have, as often suggested, cleared the cache/temp files and rebooted without success.

Now, I can view this page if I go directly to it, i.e. a GET request however on a POST request it refuses to show it. I have also tested this on, when logging into my account there you can not view the source, I wonder if this is some kind of security feature M$ have implemented, though it does not seem to happen on this forum or, but it could be that the page seen after the post isn’t necessarily the page that was posted to!

anyway, if anyone has seen this before I would love to know a way to turn it off (if it is a security thing)