View>Source (HTML)

Can anyone tell me why I can’t get this to work?

This happens to me both at my home computer and at work as well.

It’s not a frame or javascript problem because some of the pages I check have neither.

When I go to View>Source, nothing happens whatsoever.



Hey Time-
Try rebooting your puter.

only thing I can think of. That should werk unless your browser is missing important dll files, in which case you would need to uninstall the browser and reinstall a fresh, new one. where ya been lately?

Man, I have been asking around about this and apparently I am the only one that experiences this.

It only happens in IE6. I can view code in NN just fine.

Very strange as I know I have this problem on many machines (three at home and two at work). Odd.

Thanks anyway, PJ! :wink:


Hey time,
I too have that problems sometimes, and it occurs quite infrequently. Sometimes that same page will not display the source while after a Refresh, the source is displayed. If you really want to see the source, simply press the Edit button on your browser. You will either open Notepad or another program you selected to be the default handler of HTML pages.

I didn’t even realize there WAS an edit button! That’ll do it.

Thanks, Big K!