Intro to front page

i would really like to know how to morph ( for lack of a better word) my flash intro to my homepage on my site. i understand that im going to have to design both with this task in mind from the beginning but im not sure exactly how to go about it. the best example i have is found at Estudios site the way this site changes when you hit the enter button is the exact effect id like to achieve. i may on the other hand be reading more into this and perhaps its just two pages and not an intro to page. any suggestions?

That’s a VERY nice site!
What they do is stop at the end of their preloader, and when you hit the enter-button, they just play on, the background layers stay the same, and the content is other clips they move on top…Just make the basic layout of your homepage, put your intro over that, and once the preload is finished, you remove the preloader-elements and move your content-clips in (motion tween, change their alpha value to make them visible, whatever…)

yeah it helps alot, and makes alot more sense now, like i said i was putting more into it than i needed to. thanks