Invader Zim, Fan Art (Gir)

Just started watchin Invader Zim and am obsessed, its so funny, love that simpicity of the characters, specialy Gir.

Here is me lil bit of inspired Fan Art!

Enjoy, Please comment!

Also Check out another below, just finished it :stuck_out_tongue:

i have winamp 5 but i only use it to play mp3’s so i don’t know diddly about streaming :frowning:

ur missin out hehe. I’ll PM u how to stream stuff.

thanx :thumb: great!!

Just a lil test shot. I like it, not as much as the fist, but i like it.

Enjoy & Comment Please

dude the first one is bloody awesome!!! but… where the piggy?! and UJ?!?

p.s “why is there bacon in the soap?!?!??!”