Invalid form help

Ive managed to build a proper contact form with the help of a few members here at kirupaforum :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem im having.

I have 3 input fields on my contact form, name, email, and message (var’s). On my “send” button, the actionscript checks to see that if any info in any of those fields is missing, it does not send the email.

I have made a little red text box “Invalid/Missing info” and given it the var “error”. What I want to do is have the actionscript check if there is something not filled out on the form, it displays this little error message. Also, I want it to check if there is an “@ and .” symbols typed in the email part of the form, and if there isnt, to display the error message.

Can anyone help me out with this? Ive attached the fla file below… and it’s just about finished, ive even made the error var and everything :beam:



Hmm… seems like hte fla is too big to attach… instead you can grab it here:


Thanks… but it doesnt really work…at first, if for example you only fill out 1 field and sit send… the error message appears. If you clear that and type in the other input fields making the first one blank… it sends :frowning:

And if you dont put a @ or . in the email part… it still sends :frowning:

Think you could help me out again? :nerd:

Thanks a lot!

bump… help


thanks… it almost works!!!


as soon as you launch the form… and hit send… it sends :frowning:

also if you just type in the name field… it sends… :frowning: same with the message field

think you could fix that please? i would have no idea how to do it.

Thanks a million!!! :toad:

Here… hope this is the last one :stuck_out_tongue:


Its got a few more bugs but im sure i can fix em!!


No problem :wink:
[edit] what bugs? [/edit]

None… seems like I fixed them up with my 1337 AS sk177s rofl :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for your assistance

here’s one to look at, full of ideas … go to “the Lab” … then “php mailer”

It has tons of goodies built in

You’re welcome :wink:
You can make a more precise validation though… I just checked if there were only 1 “@” symbol and if the “.” comes at least 2 positions after the “@”.

thanks again claudio… ive got a question about the php part of the mailer in the server side forum :wink: