IP Use

I know you can use socket servers to have mutiple comps run something interactivley but can you do it based on ip or over a network?


Can You Zoom they are zoomed in so much like 500%

i guess you could LocalConnection(); class to get that to work for you

in the discription of local connect it says it is for talking between mutible swf’s on the same comp. but thank you for your help

well, surley if you wanted work over a local network you could just store information as shared objects in a shared file that all users can access.

ya i guess i could do that but would i need a local server to do that and how would i be able to set it so i would work on all networks?

oh wait, sorry i kinda missded the point. Electroserver is an option then.

really that can run on a network cool thank you

well, do you have a local area network that u want this project to work on?

my home one

well i would generaly suggest electroserver but if you were to say distribute your flash projects outside your home network this isnt such a good choice. One great thing about elecrto server is that flash has its own class dedicated to it. Macromedia have good documentation on the electroserver class and i can give you the basics on it if you want.

idk i 'll private message you if i can’t figure out how to do it fro the guide thank you for all your help

no problem :wink: