Ipad scrolling menu problem

I have posted this in the AS3 section but thought someone might know here.
I am building an ipad app using flash cs5.5 and As3. I have a menu that I want to be able to scroll with my finger. This is the code I have thus far, and it sort works. The problem seems to be that the movieClip being scrolled, jumps to where my finger is. Any help would be grateful!

I’m not 100% sure I have the right formula to make this work.

my code:
home.homeContent.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH _BEGIN , onTouch);

private function onTouch(event:TouchEvent):void
localYTxt.text = String("localY "+ event.localY);
stageYTxt.text = String("stageY "+ event.stageY);
touchPointTxt.text = String("touchPointID "+ event.touchPointID);
home.homeContent.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH _MOVE, onTouchMove);
home.homeContent.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH _END , onTouchEnd);
private function onTouchMove(event:TouchEvent):void
touchMoveTxt.text = String("stageY "+ event.stageY);
home.homeContent.y+= (event.localY-home.homeContent.y)/3;
private function onTouchEnd(event:TouchEvent):void
localYEndTxt.text = String("localY "+ event.localY);
stageYEndTxt.text = String("stageY "+ event.stageY);
touchPointEndTxt.text = String("touchPointID "+ event.touchPointID);
home.homeContent.removeEventListener(TouchEvent.TO UCH_MOVE, onTouchMove);
home.homeContent.endEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH _END , onTouchEnd);