iPod mini?

that looks fake to me

kinda cute. (and slowroasted avatar:))

It looks like the middle was cut out and the bottom was moved up. :h: It might be cool to have a square iPod though.

Why can’t mp3 players be 3-feet long like they used to back in the day :sigh:

everything has to get smaller.

kinda cute. (and slowroasted avatar)

awe thanks, fwuffy wuffy widdle wabbits are cute to me too

Not me. Nope, uh uh. Have you learned nothing from the rabbit of Caerbannog?

i read something on a news page saying the presdent is trying to ban p2p and objects that can hold pirated music (mp3 players) . banneing that meaning they well ban the ipod from use or buying. being ilgeal to own one. if that happends i am moveing to canada. and hell in canada P2P and pirated music is ok to do there! jesus why is presdent so mean.

Thats a big thing with my family right now. If someone says something like a warning and the other person doesnt listen or pay attention and does it anyway then we do the three fingers on the mouth like the rabbit teeth as Tim describes them.

“I warned you!”


I heard about that idiok… but there’s no way he can go through with it… think about it, he’d have to ban computers!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: lmao

No sir, the iPod mini wont be updated for a bit :smiley:

Thats not entirely true. I actually have a working version of an alpha version of the next ipod mini. Ill post a picture (photo is actual size):

lmao sen, you crack me up

aaaahahahahah that is so funny sen :thumb:
this one is also quite good :beam:

[Size=1]source: http://www.phaedo.cx/dailyphoto/archives/2004/01/[/size]

sen your image is broken, but I love script’s :lol:

its not broken… you just need to look harder. its the new MINI!

oh! I understand, it’s so… uh, lovely! I like the way mac thinks :stuck_out_tongue:

lol @ sen