i just made this. It’s my first shot with makin realistic stuffs. I’m fairly happy with it. The proportions are a little off, but oh well.

cool! But I think that the top and the bottom colors don’t fit together! And the blue is too bright! Try adding some contrast to it!

top and bottom colors? what do you mean?
those are like the actual colors of the iPod… yell at Apple.
I don’t get what you mean

like the top is where the menu is and the bottom the round-thingy!

that’s how its supposed to look:P

hehe… thats pretty good… just done on photoshop?

yup… all photoshop:beam:
thats why im so proud

haha. yeah its cool

i so badly want one of the new iPods… but i dont think il be getting £300 anytime soon…

ah never mind il make do with my Mac

i want one too
i was kinda hopin it would turn reall… dangit

haha… that would be something… sometimes i wish i had a few screws loose, then i could just pretend i had cool stuff and it would be real to me… but im weird…

hey Josh… look under my footer… oooohh :blush:

haha nice… its real… i sweaaaaaaar
and i already saw that :beam:
i look at it like every day to see if youve done anything
make the site make the site make the site


im trying but ive had alot of work on this week and next week… well i dont even want to think about next week.

But i will try

lol alright
you can have the space as long as u need

right… i was pricing up some space last night… what i was after is pretty **** expensive… so i really appriciate it… :slight_smile:

no problemoooooooooo

well… nice! =)

the real thing (-:

wow! Can’t even tell the difference! :slight_smile:


I’m glad you guys like it… so any ideas on what I should try next?