Is allowDomain() the answer?

my swf file resides on my server but the php scripts it needs to access is located on another server so essentially I have two domains that I’m working with. Right now I’m getting an error when I try to access those php scripts from the swf file on my server. I looked at LocalConnection and allowDomain but I’m not even sure if that is the solution and if it is, I’m not sure how to implement them. Can anybody help?

hmm. when you export your variables out of flashl, you should be able to specify an absolut url. What code are you using to sent the variable to PHP and are you using GET or POST?

im using the LoadVars() method to initialize my variables. I’m using the sendAndLoad method to send my variables because I have plans for the repsonse back from the php scripts. I’m using POST :beam:

you should be able to specify an absolute url then. not sure