Is it necessary to use ANE extensions for facebook login on air app?

About 10 days I have been researching for Facebook Login. I achieved to make a login ability on as3 work. When I try to prepare this ability for AIR Android I am having problem. Ex: ExternalInterface error facebook.login(APP_ID, onInit)… Then I researched and googled so many times. I had some advices about ANE usage. I am not big game programmer and I dont need to gain anything with my apps. These extensions are expensive for an amateur. The main question is… Is it necessary to use an air extension for facebook login and showing user profile photo on my simple android .apk file? I need only login, not all device properties like vibration or any sensors. Sory for my English. I am using Adobe Flash and Adobe Air for android with AS3.

Im not sure of the answer, but if no one else here is bothering with AIR lately :rage: you might want to try the starling forums if you haven’t yet. There are surely many users who setup facebook logins in AIR apps, im not really sure what they prefer.

I had previously pointed you to an ANE because its there, but perhaps theres a better way.

Thanks tbo for your advice :wink: I ll search on