Is it possible to reset variables?

Hi all,

Thanks to the kirupa forums I’ve finally learnt how to load external SWF’s, however now i have a problem inside the actionscript of one the SWf’s I’m loading.

The SWF is a game - Tetris. When Tetris is first loaded, it plays fine, but if another game is loaded and tetris is loaded again after, the ‘Tetris blocks’ and keypad controls become erratic. The script is done using variables and I think i need to add a second frame telling the variables to reset, or update after event - something to completely reset the actionscript to its state before the game is started.

Once I’ve solved this its an easy downhill bike ride to the finish line, so can anyone help?
I’ve attached the FLA. Its a simple file, with two buttons, with script connecting to two games: Tetris and Snakes. Play Tetris, then click on the second button to play Snakes, then click back onto Tetris to see the errors I’m referring to. Thanks in advance people!