Is there a way for random fade?

I mean Can anyone think of a way to make something similar to the fla i’m sending, but making the fading to act randomly (not responding to the mouse movement). And maybe also not having to put so many MC, but usin duplicateMovieClip???
I think this would be pretty advanced, am I right???

I guess i should stop trying to do such complicated things

If only i could turn my head off!!!

It can be done. I’ll have a go at it when I get a sec. Unless someone’s already done it by then…

Well, thank u in advance!! I thought i could be done… but this is just beyond my mind!!

My new footer, i did it just by chance… adding here and copying there… no idea if why some things do what they do, but they look fine. So, i code by intuition, not by knowledge. :o

So, thank for your interest, people!!

All you have to do is mess with the _alpha property of your clips. The maximum _alpha being 100, you’ll get a random _alpha if you put


You can also round the value to have a cleaner code.

pom :asian:

That’s the way to get a random fade, but won’t reduce the amount of movie clips. You can use a for loop to tile a certain amount of movie clips, in certain rows, or use duplicate movie clip. Like I said, if I get a chance I’ll post a fla - unless someones else does it. I’m trying to get my collections site up and running.

Flex is right… the random alpha might be solved with that, but how do you make the “grid” of MC??? because imagine you want to fill all the screen!! You’ll end up with the biggest swf ever!! he, he…

I’m always messing with hard things, XD

Oh and, that Math.random, Wouldn’t make the MC alpha look like a “discotheque”??? noy very smooth…


anyway, i cant stop saying thanks!!! to all you!!

I posted a fla and deleted it - I’m replacing it with this one. It has three rows of tiles, 10x10 each, with 40 tiles in each row. It’s the best I could come up with in the short time. I don’t think it’s too far off. I’m gonna put it up on my collections site as well as post it here (of course I’ll add that it was in request to fadingblack from the Kirupa forum!). I used attachMovie. The best thing about it is probably the fact that the swf is only about 404 bytes

Hmm… grids. I love grids. [mysterious laugh]hehehe[/mysterious laugh]

Hey, that’s just great!! Thank u sooooo much!! Looks gorgeous, doesn’t it???

It’ll be a pleasure to appear as the “requester”… i’m afraid is all i can be for the moment :slight_smile: !! I promise to keep on working hard on coding. But my mind is trained only for designing visual things fot tv, where coding and file size don’t matter. Flash is my big challenge.

But with such people around like all of you learning is becoming a pleasure!

Thanks again!

oh… now i have another question Is there a way to slow down the random fading thing?? (you see, my mind can’t stop)

The quickest way I can think of off the top of my head is to slow the fps. I posted a component that allowed multiple mcs to run at different fps’s. You can use that or, you can use the set Interval method, that someone posted originally.

Personally I think that the component is easier - just drag an instance of it onto an mc and set the speed. Done in 5 seconds, rather than worry about the action script for each mc.

I’ll try post an example fla - I’m off to eat!

bon apetite!


Here’s the thread I posted the component.

See if it works for you.

but the thing is that it affects to frames, so the random stuff goes its way the same… seems like random doesn’t take in consideration the frame rate.
Anyway, thanks for the component!