IS THERe a way to check how many posts you got in 1 day!?

yea um the title says it all me thinks forgive me im stupid

cuz i had like 50 posts almost 4 hours ago now i have like 87

Sorry for hostile takeover of Random…some folks would rather incite hatred so i HAD to takeover na i mean?! :bandit: :bandit:

hehe i know exactly what ya mean. =)

If you click on and go way to the bottom, and click on your name, and see your profile, it’ll tell you your adverage, and it should give ya a better idea of how many you posted today =)

79 (0.61 posts per day) this totally sucks…i post here once every 2 days so i need to get it up more!

does the world dictator leave his computer on ?? i thought he left!:frowning:

Im assuming he does =)

lets call him IT:rambo:

3010 (31.27 posts per day) :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG 31 posts per day!!!
Divide that by 30 and you get my posts per day :slight_smile:
1.63 lol =)

lost, i swear like 2 days ago you had 2224…man yopu do post alot!


by the wat 2.58 or sumting close for me=)