Is there a way to dynamically name a text box?

I have figured out how to do my calendar, but when a certain date is clicked on I want to be able to display text. and I want to be able to make it so they can update a text file. This way the customer can enter the date and what they want it to say on an admin page and it will update the text file. the text file will look like this:\r\rdate1= some text for this date\rdate2= some text for this date\rdate3= some text for this date\r\rand so on.\r\rthen when they click on the day of the month it’ll display the specified line.\r\rbut for me to be able to do that I would need to be able to change the actual name of the text box i think. If anyone could help me with this it would be great. or if you know of a better way to do it i’m open for suggestions. Thanks.

put it in a movie clip and dynamically name the movie clip.\r:) \rjeremy

how would i do that?

select the dynamic text box, and press F8. give it a name and press enter. Then on the stage, select the Movie clip that has the text box in it, and give it an instance name. Press Control+I and then put a name in the “name” box.

ok … I know how to do that but how do i get the text box name to change?

Well, you could attach that textbox movie clip, or duplicate it, as you wish. Then you can give it (ie the movie clip) the name you want.\rpom 0]

how will that change the name on the text box to be what i want it to be?

You don’t change the name of the textbox, that’s the whole trick !! It is named ** text** all the time, but the objects you manipulate are different, ** _root.date1, _root.date2…. So the path to get to the text will be ** _root.date1.text for instance.\r\rSee ? Same name of the textbox, only different movie clip, hence different name.\r\rpom 0]